Thomas Moulton Barn

Contributed photo
Contributed photo
Location: Mormon Row Road, Grovont, WY
GPS:   43d 39m 38.3s    -110d 39m 54.8s
Map / Satellite Image: Google Link

Travel Directions:
From the Grand Teton National Park sign, go 2.0 miles N on US-89 to Gros Ventre Junction.
Turn Right (E) onto Gros Ventre Road and go 5.0 miles to Mormon Row Road.
Turn left (N) onto Mormon Row Road and go 2.5 miles to the Thomas Moulton barn. The barn
is on the left.

Some of the earliest settlers of the Teton valley were members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, also known as Mormons. Many of their homesteads were located along what became known as Mormon Row. In the early 1900’s, brothers John and Thomas Alma Moulton built homesteads on Mormon Row. Today, thanks to the work of interested preservationists, the barns they built still exist.

Of the two barns, the Thomas Moulton barn is slightly more famous. It is often photographed, and images of it have appeared in many calendars and print advertisements, so many that it is sometimes called “America’s Barn.” The John Moulton barn is about .3 mile further north on Mormon Row and is equally photogenic. Together, they are probably the most photographed barns in the U.S.A.

Moulton Ranch Cabins, located 0.2 mile south of the Thomas Moulton barn, is owned by Hal and Iola Blake. Hal Blake is a descendent of the original Mormon Row homesteaders; his grandfather was Clark Moulton, a descendent of Thomas Moulton.

For another Mormon-style barn, see Ten Sleep.

The remains of an authentic pioneer cabin, used in filming the motion picture Shane, is located on Gros Ventre Road about 4 miles east of Mormon Row Road.


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