Map of Brokeback Mountain Movie Locations in Region 2

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Paving Scene

Ennis’s Trailer

Motel (Exterior)

Twist Ranch

Drop Off /
Signal Bar

Wedding Chapel /
Drive In

Riverton Thanksgiving
(Fight) Bar

Childress Rodeo /
Riverton Post Office

Ennis’s Flashback

Entering Wyoming /
Texas Hwys

Motel /
Tent Interior
 Calgary! Home to 
 production crew. 
 Bring your grocery list! 
 A German settlement 
made famous by
a man from Taiwan.
 The first of many trucks, 
the first of many bars.
Dinton / Blackie
 A wedding, a movie, 
and a fist fight!
Rodeos, Randall,
 and Returned Mail. 
A place to feel young
Ennis’s pain, and where
 Jack’s high expectations 
ended in heartbreak.
  Springbank Park  
Great sex here,
with or without
a mattress!

A map showing 8 areas in the eastern region of Alberta, Canada where Brokeback Mountain was filmed.

A map m/km scale.

The region shown is approximately 120 x 177 km (74 x 110 miles).

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  Revised 03 February 2016