Elbow Falls Day Use Area
June / July 2007

Contributed Photos

The filmmakers had a challenge in setting two of the film’s most important scenes: Jack’s poetic proposal, “You know, it could be like this, just like this, always,” and his later, wearier attempt toward the same end, “Maybe Texas.”

Originally these were to be shot at separate locations, but Ang Lee saw the opportunity to “make a statement with the setting” and put these bookends at the same lovely place, just upriver of Alberta’s celebrated Elbow Falls.

Elbow Falls is unique in another respect—its height changes with the season. In June, when the Elbow River floods with melted mountain snows, it is 10' high; during the rest of the year, when the river level recedes and more rock is exposed, it doubles in height. You can visit the Falls here...




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