Horse Rides
26 July 2007
(Day 3)

Photos courtesy Jim Bond, Joe Ellington, Barry Gilligan, “Shakestheground,” and Bob Sohomuch

“The third time is the charm.” That’s what some people say. Allan and his son John camped with the horses at Station Flats the night of 25 July just as they had done the night before. Unlike their first night, there was no rain, and when we met them on the morning of 26 July, the weather was calm, with blue sky and white puffy clouds.

The Moose Mountain Trail, which we rode on Day 1, follows what amounts to a “ridge line.” However, for much of its length, the thick trees along the trail allow only brief glimpses of the mountain scenery. The Tom Snow and Packer’s trails, which we rode on Days 2 and 3, took us through country that was entirely different—from pine forests with dappled sunshine and gently flowing creeks, to mountain meadows covered with tall grasses and wildflowers, to switchbacks up the rugged eastern flank of Moose Mountain Trail. For scenery and variety, these trails offered everything any rider could want!

BG / 15 June 2008



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