Laundry Apartment Pre Production Photos
Fort Macleod, AB - 7 April 2004

Pre-Production Photos

The Laundry Apartment is an essential element of the Brokeback Story. Unlike Ennis’s other living quarters (the tents, the Lonesome Ranch, the Divorce Cabin, and the Trailer), this was a very public place, subject to the observations of townspeople and the suspicions that came with them. Ennis’s commitment to Alma and his efforts to ward off the conflict that had already begun to destroy him are demonstrated by his attempt to live in this “fishbowl” of a place.

As the filmmakers searched for a Laundry Apartment with the needed features (walk-up unit, parking lot, steps) they happened upon this “perfect” location in Fort Macleod. Here you will find a set of original scouting photos showing the Laundry Apartment as Ang Lee first saw it in 2004.



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