Rockyford, AB
2007 Rodeo
27, 28, 29 July

Photos courtesy Jim Bond, Joe Ellington, Barry Gilligan, Lauren Gurney, and Bob Sohomuch

In July 2007 the Alberta town of Rockyford [pronounced “Rocky Ford”] hosted its 50th Annual Rodeo. It was a spectacle in every way; a concert, dance, parade, and chuckwagon breakfast added to the excitement of this three day professional event. A tiny town, a big celebration!

There to have a good time, as well as to compete amidst the Riverton Post Office, the Childress Dance Hall, JT’s Bar, Jack and Lureen’s Parking Spot, and the Childress and Electra [Texas] Rodeo Grounds, were hundreds of authentic Alberta cowboys. Predictably, Brokeback Mountain fans were there, too, with their cameras. Have a look at some of what they saw!

For more information about the Village of Rockyford and the Rockyford AG Society / Lions Club Rodeo, see



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