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Location: Hwy 66, Canyon Creek
GPS:   50d 54m 3.06s    -114d 47m 43.5s
Map / Satellite Image: Google Link
Site Name: Campsite #1

Travel Directions:
From Hwy 1 (Trans-Canada Hwy), take Exit 161A “Bragg Creek Rd / Hwy 22.” Go south on Hwy 22 approximately 17.4 km to the 4-way stop in Bragg Creek. (Do not follow the “Bragg Creek West” sign.) Turn left at the 4-way stop (continue on Hwy 22) and go 3.4 km to the “T” intersection of Hwy 22 and Hwy 66. Turn right (west) onto Hwy 66 and go approximately 16.6 km to Canyon Creek Road. Turn right (north) onto Canyon Creek Road and go 0.8 km to the parking area on the right. Walk north past the locked gate beyond the parking area, and follow the well-maintained gravel road 3.0 km to the bridge, then past two gas metering stations. After you pass four concrete barriers to the left side of the road (Sheep Procession #1) look for a culvert under Canyon Creek Road and a road which intersects from the right (Moose Dome Creek Road, unmarked).

As you face the left side of Canyon Creek Road with both the culvert and the intersection to your right, look for an overgrown path blocked by large stones ahead to your left. (For reference, this location is 5.02 km north of the gate and is 50d 54m 7.08s, -114d 47m 43.44s.) Proceed 200', turn right at the gravel path, go 200' and turn left. The site is on the creek bank near the circle of campfire stones.

Though not for the first or last time, Jack enjoyed recalling his rodeoin’ days here at Campsite #1. Ennis had a few things to say, as well. The circle of campfire stones, two stumps, and the components of the meat rack, tripod, and saddle stand remain in place. By all means, discover and enjoy all of these left-behinds and, just as Ennis and Jack did, leave them there for others to appreciate, as well.

The trail to the famous Ice Caves lies beyond the Canyon Creek Road intersection and to the right. Due to many accidents, the caves were officially closed to the public in 2000. See:

Though the road is now closed to private vehicles, hiking in the area is permitted, though access to the Ice Caves area remains strictly prohibited.

For intermediate hikers. Wear hiking boots. Bring ample water and protective gear. Never leave valuables in a car parked at trailheads. Use caution; bear activity is common in this area, and in all mountain locations. Always consult park wardens and take appropriate precautions. See:

“I don’t rodeo much myself.”

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