Chapter 10 - Roped In - 00 53 40

00 53 40
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DVD Time Code = 00 53 40
Location: Rockyford, AB, Rodeo Grounds
GPS:   51d 14m 9.36s    -113d 8m 14.52s
Map / Satellite Image: Google Link
Site Name: Childress Rodeo

Travel Directions:
From Hwy 1 (Trans-Canada Hwy), take Hwy 21 north to Township Road 263. Turn right (east) on 263. Rockyford is at the intersection of 263 and Range Road 233. From Main Street, Rockyford (where you will find three Brokeback buildings), walk approximately two blocks northeast on 1st Avenue E to the rodeo grounds. See:

Barrel racing is a popular rodeo sport. Three barrels are set up in a triangular pattern. Riders then enter the arena at full speed, quickly rounding each barrel in a cloverleaf pattern before exiting where they entered. The fastest rider wins, so riders steer their horses as close as they can to the barrels, trying to shave precious seconds off their time. Knocking a barrel over results in a five second penalty. Leaving all the barrels upright and ripping through the course is the object of the sport.

Anne Hathaway said she learned a lot about barrel racing and that she enjoyed preparing for this portion of her diverse Brokeback role. But when it came time for the cameras to roll at Rockyford, it was veteran barrel racer Skyler Mantler in the saddle. The next contestant, “Chyanne Hodgson from Cody, Wyoming” is actually a native of Dorothy (the tiny hamlet where Ennis’s Flashback was filmed). Chyanne has now become something of a barrel racing poster girl and has continued to work in movies as a stunt performer and transportation captain.

“Let’s give her a big hand.”

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