Chapter 11 - Drop Me a Line - 01 01 00

01 01 00
DVD capture
Contributed photo *
DVD Time Code = 01 01 00
Location: Fort Macleod, AB, 3rd Avenue near 25th Street
GPS:   49d 43m 33.24s    -113d 24m 20.82s
Map / Satellite Image: Google Link
Site Name: Laundry Apartment Kitchen

Travel Directions:
Navigation in Fort Macleod is made interesting by the fact that most streets have at least two names. Nonetheless, the town is small enough so that you are never lost. The Laundry Apartment, which is also the site of The Source (Photo Plus), is on the SE corner of Archie Maclean (3rd) Avenue and Jerry Potts Boulevard (25th Street). If you find the Elks Lodge first, face it and turn right. See map of Fort Macleod.

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Those who embrace Alma’s symbolic connection to water are well versed in the “three sinks”: The Lonesome Ranch (anticipation), the Laundry Apartment (deception), and Monroe’s House (retribution).

Darryl Solly, the film’s locations manager, tells us that they spotted the Laundry Apartment early on in their search for filming locations. Its tenant was skeptical of the entire proposal to make her austere apartment center stage for some of the most important scenes of a major motion picture.

“Everything she asked for, she got. She was taken care of,” says Solly, artfully avoiding mention of dollar amounts.

Always obtain appropriate permission before entering private property.

“You know somebody name a Jack?”

Picture of surrounding area:





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