Chapter 11 - Drop Me a Line - 01 03 42

01 03 42
DVD capture
Contributed photo
DVD Time Code = 01 03 42
Location: Fort Macleod, AB, 3rd Avenue near 25th Street
GPS:   49d 43m 33.24s    -113d 24m 20.82s
Map / Satellite Image: Google Link
Site Name: The Stairwell

Travel Directions:
Navigation in Fort Macleod is made interesting by the fact that most streets have at least two names. Nonetheless, the town is small enough so that you are never lost. The Laundry Apartment, which is also the site of The Source (Photo Plus), is on the SE corner of Archie Maclean (3rd) Avenue and Jerry Potts Boulevard (25th Street). If you find the Elks Lodge first, face it and turn right. See map of Fort Macleod.

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The steps! There is a great deal of logistic confusion over the steps. Examine the photos of the laundry apartment here and you will see that the building has two sets of steps. The steps that lead to Apartment 1 are the ones that Ennis and Jack found so handy. They are not the same steps that lead to Apartments 2 and 3. (To make matters even more complicated, Apartment 3 became the film’s Apartment 2. Of course, before they became the subject of worldwide Brokeback attention, the apartments had no numbers at all!)

Is there a tabloid editor alive who could refuse a candid shot of Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger kissing? One of the producers’ biggest concerns surrounding the filming of the stairwell scene was privacy. Keep in mind that the details of the story were not widely known when this scene was shot and that the apartment is next to a busy public street.

We are told that Ledger, Gyllenhaal, and Williams arrived and departed the set in PT Cruisers equipped with tinted windows. Note in the photographs that the sloped “pony” wall next to the steps was modified to further shield the smooching area from public view.

Always obtain appropriate permission before entering private property.

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