Chapter 12 - What Now? - 01 09 19

01 09 19
DVD capture
Contributed photo
DVD Time Code = 01 09 19
Location: Hwy 742, approaching Mount Foch, northbound
GPS:   50d 41m 57.96s    -115d 8m 5.64s
Map / Satellite Image: Google Link
Site Name: Mountain Highway

Travel Directions:
The Mountain Highway (Mount Foch) is on Hwy 742, 59.5 km south of the Three Sisters Drive intersection in Canmore, or 11.0 km south of the Sawmill Day Use Area (Jack Ascending); it is also 0.2 km north of the Riding Lake (Spillway Lake).

[Alternately, this location is 2.6 km north of the intersection of Hwy 742 and Kananaskis Lakes Road.]

To reach Hwy 742 (also known as Spray Lakes Rd. / Smith-Dorrien Rd.): From Hwy 1 (Trans-Canada Hwy), use Exit 91 “Hwy 1A - Canmore.” Follow Bow Valley Trail 2.2 km, turn left (northwest) onto Railway Ave. Proceed 0.5 km and turn left (west) at Main St. (also known as 8th St.), go 0.6 km and turn left (south) onto Bridge Rd. (also known as 8th Ave. / Rundle Drive). At the “T” intersection, turn left (south) on Three Sisters Drive, proceed 0.6 km and turn right (west) at Spray Lakes Rd. (also known as Hwy 742). (Or simply follow the helpful “Kananaskis Country” signs throughout Canmore.) See map of Canmore.

Named for the Supreme Commander of Allied Forces during the later stages of World War I, Mount Foch rises 3,180 m (10,434') to welcome travelers on Hwy 742. See:

The contributed photo shows Hwy 742 while driving north after passing the Lower Kananaskis Lakes to the south. Perfectionists will want to park on the west side of the road and possibly stand on something to get the elevated perspective used in the film.

Just 0.2 km to the south you will find the Riding Lake site (see Chapter 15, 01 29 55).

Pictures of surrounding area:

















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