Chapter 12 - What Now? - 01 09 38

01 09 38
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Location: Hwy 1X, Seebe
GPS:   51d 6m 31.2s    -115d 2m 48.42s
Map / Satellite Image: Google Link
Site Name: Diving Cliff

Travel Directions:
Access to this site is no longer possible due to road closure. To reach the general area: From Hwy 1 (Trans-Canada Hwy), take Seebe Exit 114A, pass the “Leaving Bow Valley Provincial Park” sign, cross the bridge, and take an immediate right (hairpin) turn, cross the one-lane bridge and go as far as the security gate.

[Alternately, from Buffalo Paddock, turn left (west) onto 1A, proceed 8.8 km, turn left (south) onto 1X, go 2.1 km, turn left at the “Seebe” sign, cross the one-lane bridge, and proceed as above.]

The tiny town of Seebe was located on land owned by Canadian hydroelectric giant Trans Alta Utilities since 1909. In 2004 Trans Alta decided to exit the real estate business and it sold the town, houses, a church, a schoolhouse, and a store to Moondance Land Company, displacing about 100 Seebe residents.

What are Moondance’s plans? Through a business partnership with The Stoney Nation, which owns land on the opposite side of the river, a mixed use development including condominiums, a golf course, and retail venues has been proposed. Various regulatory and environmental reviews are underway. See:

Always obtain appropriate permission before entering private property. Under no circumstances should one attempt to dive from the cliff or swim at this site.

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