Chapter 14 - Don’t Fool Me - 01 19 35

01 19 35
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DVD Time Code = 01 19 35
Location: Hwy 570, east of Dorothy, AB
GPS:   51d 16m 14.64s    -112d 12m 55.92s
Map / Satellite Image: Google Link
Site Name: “Entering Wyoming” Highway

Travel Directions:
From Hwy 1 (Trans-Canada Hwy), take Hwy 9 north to Drumheller and then Hwy 10 / Hwy 56 southeast from Drumheller towards Dorothy. Continue southeast on Hwy 10 to Hwy 570 East, and proceed to the yellow bridge in Dorothy. Continue past the yellow bridge 8.4 km to the turnout on the left side of Hwy 570. Look west to view the “Entering Wyoming” Highway.

[Alternately, take Hwy 1 (Trans-Canada Hwy) to Hwy 21. Go north to Hwy 564 and turn right (east). (Or, go south from Rockyford to Hwy 564 and turn left.) The pavement ends at approximately 57.3 km (Township Road 260, Range Road 182) but Hwy 564 turns left and becomes a gravel road. At the stop sign (6.3 km) turn right onto Hwy 848 North (or follow the sign to Dorothy).

Park and climb the hill on the curve at 8.3 km for an overview of Dorothy and the valley of the Red Deer River. (Beware of cactus growing on the hill!) Continue driving 0.7 km to Earl’s ditch (at 9 km), on the left side of the broken wood fence rails. Continue approximately 0.5 km and cross the yellow bridge.

At the intersection of Hwy 848 and Hwy 570, turn right (east) on Hwy 570 and go 8.4 km to the turnout on the left side of the road. Look west to view the “Entering Wyoming” Highway.

Note: Although this is a very direct way to Dorothy, some of these roads are little traveled and farm houses may be several kilometers apart. If your vehicle can't stand it, the highways through Drumheller may be a better choice.]

Behold, you are looking at the most elusive of Brokeback Mountain’s alluring sites!

Year after year, again and again, love-struck Jack drove some 14 hours toward this place. We expended even more time and gasoline trying to find it. From very early in our search, people associated with the film assured us that this scene was filmed near the Divorce Cabin on Hwy 520, west of Claresholm. Two people who actually live in that area told us that the coulee and road were, indeed, very close by. Over the course of five trips to Alberta, beginning in 2006, we became intimately acquainted with many of the back roads “north of Hwy 3, west of 2, and east of 22.” But try as we might, we could never find this enchanting and suggestive place where the road magically undulates before a dark and distant chasm.

In 2009, after almost “four [you-know] years” of searching, we finally found it while looking to see what was around a curve in the road east of the tiny hamlet of Dorothy, a three-hour drive northeast of Claresholm! And, as was often the case while scouting these filming locations, we also found another one that had eluded us—the “Texas Highway”—by turning around and looking in the opposite direction!

The filmmakers may have forgotten this enchanting place, but thanks to the epic efforts of our volunteers, we never will.

See also DVD Chapter 14, 01 22 17, Texas Highway.

Note: To view or photograph this scene in the same light as when it was filmed for Brokeback, visit this location in mid- to late afternoon. While Hwy 570 has little traffic, if you are patient you may see a few pickup trucks pass through this location, as we did.

“King of the road!”

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