Chapter 15 - Suspicious Minds - 01 31 59

01 31 59
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DVD Time Code = 01 31 59
Location: Hwy 66, Elbow Falls Day Use Area
GPS:   50d 52m 2s    -114d 47m 3s
Map / Satellite Image: Google Link
Site Name: “Maybe Texas” Riverside

Travel Directions:
From Hwy 1 (Trans-Canada Hwy), take Exit 161A “Bragg Creek Rd / Hwy 22.” Go south on Hwy 22 approximately 17.4 km to the 4-way stop in Bragg Creek. (Do not follow the “Bragg Creek West” sign.) Turn left at the 4-way stop (continue on Hwy 22) and go 3.4 km to the “T” intersection of Hwy 22 and Hwy 66. Turn right (west) onto Hwy 66 and go approximately 18.4 km to the Elbow Falls Day Use Area in Bragg Creek Provincial Park. As you enter, the site is to the immediate right in the most upstream portion of the Area. Take the paved path on the right just after the guard rail, pass the gate, and turn right onto the narrower path. Stay to the right and walk to the river past the small picnic areas. The site is on the gravel bar in the middle of the river, just upstream from the location where the “Sweet Life” scene was filmed. For pictures taken during a hike to this location, see “Hike to ‘Sweet Life’ Riverside” in Albums. See also:

Some of the shots in this scene were taken from the opposite side of the Elbow River in the McLean Creek Off-Highway Vehicle Zone. This area was so mired in deep, viscous mud that we dared not attempt it, even in our 4WD vehicle, but those who know off-road vehicles and do not mind getting very, very dirty might enjoy this vantage point. See:

The movie was filmed here in late June. Bear in mind that the Elbow is a dynamically changing river, one that is constantly re-sculpting its gravel shoals and banks throughout the year. The visibility of specific features (rocks, gravel bars, etc.) may depend greatly on the time of year that you are here. Trees and rock ledges may be your best indicators of the specific movie locations in this area.

Consult with wardens and take suitable precautions in Off-Highway Vehicle areas. Depending upon river conditions, it may not be possible to safely reach the gravel bar. If you wish to try, go upstream toward the bend in the river and look for a safe, shallow place to cross over. Always consult with wardens before attempting to cross the river. Wear protective footgear and use walking sticks.

“Aw, go to hell, Ennis del Mar. You want to live your miserable fuckin’ life, go right ahead.”

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