Chapter 16 - Let Me Be - 01 48 49

01 48 49
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DVD Time Code = 01 48 49
Location: Hwy 742, Goat Creek
GPS:   51d 3m 35.52s    -115d 25m 50.70s
Map / Satellite Image: Google Link
Site Name: Jack’s Flashback

Travel Directions:
The site of Jack’s Flashback (Campsite #2) is at the northern end of Spray Valley Provincial Park, off Hwy 742, 7.3 km south of the Three Sisters Drive intersection in Canmore, and 2.1 km north of the Riding Ridge. The easiest way to access the site is to follow Hwy 742 and park at the Goat Creek Picnic Area. Walk south along Hwy 742 for approximately 200 meters. At the point where the utility lines cross Hwy 742 you will see a gravel road to your right (west). Turn right and follow the gravel road approximately 0.7 km downhill until you reach a clearing. Turn right and continue across the clearing, passing the “Get Goin’, Cowboy” Hillside (Fight Hill), to the Dozy Embrace site. If you encounter temporary fencing in this area, go around it to the right. The site is to your left as you approach Goat Creek and the pole bridge. For pictures taken during a hike to this location, see “Hike to Campsite #2” in Albums.

To reach Hwy 742 (also known as Spray Lakes Rd. / Smith-Dorrien Rd.): From Hwy 1 (Trans-Canada Hwy), use Exit 91 “Hwy 1A - Canmore.” Follow Bow Valley Trail 2.2 km, turn left (northwest) onto Railway Ave. Proceed 0.5 km and turn left (west) at Main St. (also known as 8th St.), go 0.6 km and turn left (south) onto Bridge Rd. (also known as 8th Ave. / Rundle Drive). At the “T” intersection, turn left (south) on Three Sisters Drive, proceed 0.6 km and turn right (west) at Spray Lakes Rd. (also known as Hwy 742). (Or simply follow the helpful “Kananaskis Country” signs throughout Canmore.) See map of Canmore.

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Bring your sweetie and, by all means, stand where they stood and feel the serenity and liberation of this place. Remember the moment, always, and treasure your own dozy embrace, just as Jack did his.

“Nothing marred it, even the knowledge that Ennis would not then embrace him face to face because he did not want to see nor feel that it was Jack he held.” [1]

[1] Brokeback Mountain - Story to Screenplay by Annie Proulx, Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana (Scribner) ISBN-13: 978-0-7432-9416-4, page 22.

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