Chapter 16 - Let Me Be - 01 49 34

01 49 34
DVD capture
Contributed photo
DVD Time Code = 01 49 34
Location: Kananaskis Lakes Road, Upper Kananaskis Lake
GPS:   50d 36m 36.48s    -115d 7m 7.32s
Map / Satellite Image: Google Link
Site Name: “I Did Once” Lake

Travel Directions:
From Hwy 1 (Trans-Canada Hwy), take Hwy 40 south 49.9 km (or 0.1 km south of King Creek) to the intersection of Hwy 40 and Kananaskis Lakes Road. Turn right on Kananaskis Lakes Road and proceed southwest 12.5 km. Turn left (south) at “Upper Lake” sign and left again at the “T” intersection to the parking area. (The parking area was paved sometime after June 2008.)

[Alternately, travel to the south end of Hwy 742 / Smith-Dorrien Road where it joins Kananaskis Lakes Road. Turn right and proceed southwest on Kananaskis Lakes Road 10.3 km. Turn left (south) at “Upper Lake” sign and left again at the “T” intersection to the parking area.]

Is there a gravel road on the planet that has broken as many hearts as this one? We doubt it.

The filmmakers had a problem here. A distracting public restroom stood to the right where the road curves. Sharp-eyed viewers of the film can spot the roof of the restroom through the cluster of staked trees installed by the location crew.

Staked trees were useful in many scenes in the film. They hid an entire road at Mud Lake (“It’s gonna snow tonight for sure.”) and a path at Goat Creek (Campsite #2). A few discarded staked trees can be found in the woods near Campsites #1 and #2.

“I just can’t stand this anymore, Jack.”

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