Chapter 18 - Crazy Notions - 01 59 05

01 59 05
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DVD Time Code = 01 59 05
Location: Range Road 252, east of Beiseker, AB
GPS:   51d 22m 18.24s    -113d 25m 31.08s
Map / Satellite Image: Google Link
Site Name: Jack’s Room

Travel Directions:
Follow Hwy 9 (also known as Township Road 282) 6.5 km east of Beiseker to Range Road 252 (watch for the brown “Grande Ole West Villa Ranch” sign). Turn right (south) onto Range Road 252, go 1.6 km. The ranch is behind the overgrown thicket on the east (left) side of the road.

Yes, the sloping ceiling over the bed area, the window, and the radiator are all there. The closet and its secret compartment are mostly intact (the back wall has been removed but is stored nearby). Ennis wept mightily in this room and you will too.

Always obtain appropriate permission before entering private property. Those planning to enter should bring flashlights and be cautious of loose or missing floorboards and railings. The building has been the subject of pilferage and vandalism. Please leave all that you find intact out of respect for the history, both real and fictional, of this powerful place.

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