Deleted Scenes - Ennis as Vet

Ennis as Vet
Photo by Kimberley French.
Contributed photo
Location: Hwy 520 near Range Road 283, west of Claresholm, AB
GPS:   49d 58m 38s    -113d 44m 42s
Map / Satellite Image: Google Link
Scene Name: Ennis as Vet

Travel Directions:
John and Kerry Hart farm, Hwy 520 and Range Road 283, 15.5 km west of Claresholm. From Claresholm, follow 43rd Avenue (also known as Hwy 520) west 15.5 km. (Beware: This road takes an abrupt and poorly marked curve at 7.2 km. Don’t make the same mistake Ennis’s parents did!) Turn left at Range Road 283 and go south 1.3 km. Turn left again and follow the driveway 0.6 km. The barn is ahead to your right.

This brief shot of Ennis tending a sick calf was probably intended to emphasize both his abilities as a cowboy and the difficult, lonely nature of ranch life. It was originally positioned to follow the curious scene in which Alma Jr. suggests that she move in with her father.

138   EXT: RIVERTON, WYOMING: RANCH: DAY: 1981:   138

On the far side of a meadow, Ennis leans down: a sick, tiny calf.



He sits down, lifts the animal to himself, tends to it.

[Script excerpt]

This fleeting scene was not shot in a meadow, but inside a barn at the Lonesome Ranch. Indeed, the outside of the barn is plainly visible in the film from Alma’s kitchen (see Chapter 9, 00 46 54).

Although this small scene was eventually deleted, it was made with great care. Not just any calf would do. Even Brokeback’s animal cast had to meet high standards of attractiveness and authenticity. Local Angus calves were passed over for this stunning Hereford, obtained from a ranch in nearby Longview.

Always obtain appropriate permission before entering private property. Exercise special caution in areas where livestock may be present. Driveway may require four-wheel-drive / high-profile vehicle.

Pictures of surrounding area:
















For more pictures taken at this location see
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00 46 38, 00 46 47, 00 46 54.


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