Deleted Scenes - Hippie Departure

Hippie Departure
Photo by Kimberley French.
Contributed photo
Location: Jumping Pound Creek, AB, Nicoll Ranch
GPS:   51d 4m 30s    -114d 33m 19s
Map / Satellite Image: Google Link
Scene Name: Hippie Departure

Travel Directions:
From Hwy 1 (Trans-Canada Hwy), take Exit 156, “Jumping Pound Road.” Go south on Jumping Pound Road to a “T” intersection. Turn right (west) on Township Road 244, go 1.9 km, crossing a bridge. Turn right at the intersection marked by the “501 31 No Exit” sign and proceed 0.6 km to a rustic barbed wire gate on the right side of the road. (Do not go as far as the cattle guard.) Do not open the gate. Instead, park nearby and climb the fence to the right side of the gate. Follow vehicle tracks 0.3 km downhill to the clearing.

The rescue complete, Jack and Ennis leave the hippies and their offer of casual sex.

Later: JACK and ENNIS ride off, the hippies in the background.


Hell, I guess I could a been a hippie. If I’d had more education.


I don’t like damn hippies. Un-American if you ask me.


Yeah, you’re pretty square, aren’t you? If they only knew just how square you are!

They both laugh.

[Script excerpt]

The notion of Ennis as a redneck is repeated here, not only as fodder for Jack’s “square” joke, but quite possibly with the intent of reminding us that Ennis was particularly vulnerable to adopting society’s prejudices.

Always obtain appropriate permission before entering private property. Exercise special caution in areas where livestock may be present.

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