Deleted Scenes - Twist Cemetery

Twist Cemetery
Photo by Kimberley French.
Contributed photo
Location: Range Road 252, east of Beiseker, AB
GPS:   51d 22m 18.24s    -113d 25m 31.08s
Map / Satellite Image: Google Link
Scene Name: Twist Cemetery

Travel Directions:
Follow Hwy 9 (also known as Township Road 282) 6.5 km east from Beiseker to Range Road 252 (watch for the brown “Grande Ole West Villa Ranch” sign). Turn right (south) onto Range Road 252, go 1.6 km. The ranch is behind the overgrown thicket on the east (left) side of the road. The red disc tiller, which is visible in the photo, is still in place in the rear yard of the ranch house.

The Twist Cemetery shot was intended to augment the climactic Twist Ranch scene.


ENNIS in his pickup, bumping down the washboard road.

Passes the TWIST family plot surrounded by sagging sheep wire, a tiny fenced square on the welling prairie, a few graves and a few tilted gravestones, bright with plastic flowers.

The look on his face makes it clear he doesn’t want to know that JACK is going in there, to be buried forever on the grieving plain.

[Script excerpt]

Why did it never make its way into the film? Some would argue that “less is more.” John Twist’s plainspoken words tell us that there is a family plot and that Jack is going in it; showing us the actual cemetery adds nothing. Another argument for deleting the shot of the plot is that by doing so Lee placed the emphasis of the scene where it should be, the revelation of the shirts, not the disposition of Jack’s ashes.

Lee’s actual reason for omitting the image of the Twist family plot may be even more straightforward. In a film of inspired set design and meticulous set dressing, the cemetery prop is an exception. Indeed, it looks almost as fake as Lureen’s hair and Jack’s moustache. So much work went into the restoration and preparation of the Twist Ranch house that it is easy to understand why the cemetery didn’t receive priority treatment. Lee may well have decided that no cemetery at all was better than a phony cemetery.

Always obtain appropriate permission before entering private property.

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