Finding Brokeback

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6 July 2006   to   18 July 2006
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First Name :   Cameron - Virgina, USA

Comment :   Im back and I cannot stay away. Thank you so much guys. I hope somehow, someday, I can make my pilgrimage to these beautiful spots.

First Name :   Joshua

Comment :   This proves you totally get Brokeback Mountain. Thank you so much for sharing the dream with us. I hope this will only grow. We must keep the story alive. Thank you!

First Name :   JamesLA

Comment :   Bless you for this===what a wonderful gify to the BBM community

First Name :   George (Patriot1)

Comment :   What a fabulous web site. Not only do we get to see a magnificent movie but now we get to see where it was shot. Many, many thanks to everyone involved in putting together this site.

First Name :   Amber

Comment :   This site is awesome. The detailed directions are exactly what I was missing when I made my trip. You reminded me (not that I needed help) how beautiful the area is and how much I want to go back!! All of your directions will surely be going with me the n

First Name :   Swiss Cowboy

Comment :   Thanks for this wonderful side. Saddle-up partner

First Name :   Melissa

Comment :   Truly beautiful. Thank you for all your hard work.

First Name :   Tafadzwa

Comment :   I thought Brokeback, the movie, was absolutely achingly beautiful, and can only imagine what a wonderful experience it must be for you to explore all those sites. Thank you.

First Name :   Brett

Comment :   Hey! I love LOVE LOVE your site, and will use it to plan my BBM trip.

First Name :   Hattie

Comment :   Looks like you found your Passion! Love and support you in all you do.

First Name :   Barbara

Comment :   Thanks to all for creating this wonderful website!

First Name :   Bobby

Comment :   Wonderful site! Thanx! for all your hard work.

First Name :   William

Comment :   Im dissolved in tears of gratitude and joy! I have just spent three of the most moving hours...reliving each and every moment of this film...thanks to your wonderful location shots! I only hope that at some future date...a annual convention will be held i

First Name :   BrokeBackenHearted

Comment :   As sparse as the landscapes maybe in these pictures of the actual forlorn locations, and just as Jack would have seen it each time he come home to his folks' old place; there is something about these sights that draw me in. I feel a deep connection to the

First Name :   JACK

Comment :   Hey you guys made one impressive site! Thanks for the link you put over in the Back On Brokeback thread over at the DCF, would never have found it without it. I can see Ill be spending time here....

First Name :   John

Comment :   What you guys have put together is absolutely amazing! So much information is organized in such a rich and intuitive way. It is quite clear that you not only put a lot of thought into the design of the website but that you care deeply about its subject.

First Name :   Barbara

Comment :   Thank you Jim and all those who have contributed to the fabulous effort. Its hard to imagine how much time and effort goes into an undertaking of the magnitude.

First Name :   Hidden Springs

Comment :   What an accomplishment. I used up another box of tissues going through it, still crying after six months. Thank you so much.

First Name :   Dave

Comment :   It took me a few attempts to enjoy this without being all choked up. I wanted some info on BBM locations but this is just heaven. Thanks guys! Love D

First Name :   twistedboy

Comment :   Great site. Thanks for the outstanding effort. It actually helped me resolve an issue I had with a discrepancy in the film.

First Name :   Jan

Comment :   Jim, You and the guys have done an incredible job -- Not only does it have beautiful photos but it provides a wonderful service to those who want to find BBM film sites. It surely was a labor of love. CactusGal

First Name :   Ray

Comment :   GREAT WEBSITE!

First Name :   JohnofLewes

Comment :   Bless you for this website gift. It is bookmarked for sure by The One who loves and affirms and accepts us all. G_Ds peace and love.

First Name :   Rick K.

Comment :   A stunning accomplishment. Worthy of being published. Alas, itll never be.

First Name :   Julie

Comment :   Thank you for making this website! Brokeback Mountain is the best story ever written and the best movie ever made... Im happy somebody decided to dedicate a website for it. GOOD LUCK and Keep up the good work! ~Julie~

First Name :   Marian

Comment :   This site is wonderful. And your comments are so good - pound the wall like Ennis - feel better - we didnt think so (quoting from memory) Thank you very much.

First Name :   karin

Comment :   this is so cool. i went to AAA and got all sorts of books and maps and stuff from tourist bureaus but everything i need is here!! thank you for being so thoughtful.

First Name :   Nathan

Comment :   I came across your web site Finding Brokeback and I was overcome with enthusiasm when viewing EVERY page and EVERY photo comparing locations with scenes in the movie. I cannot begin to tell you how much this means to those who have been changed by this mo

First Name :   Maxine

Comment :   I just wanted to say I think the website is incredible, I am so impressed, not just with the detail and the location photographs but even the screen shots which you went into great detail over and explained how you enhanced them etc. Its amazing. The Brok

First Name :   Cees (Holland)

Comment :   Congratulations on your website. Looking through it it looks great and I see how much work has gone into this. So many pictures and so much information. Great job.

First Name :   John

Comment :   Geez! Guys I cant believe you did this! Fabulous work. Thanks a million and my sincere congratulations.

First Name :   John

Comment :   What a terrific piece of work! A very classy guide to any of us Brokeback obsessors who plan to visit the filming locations.

First Name :   Van

Comment :   I am very interested and in fact, I just bookmarked it -- looks like there is lots of neat stuff there to read and to see. CONGRATULATIONS!

First Name :   Cheryl

Comment :   Im so impressed with your hard work! The combination of the excellent, detailed text and the fantastic organization is perfect. Very, very professional. I love it! Will be passing it on to many friends.

First Name :   Kristian

Comment :   The site looks good! It almost makes me want to go on the odyssey.

First Name :   Jackie

Comment :   Thank you so much for this beautiful site. I have bookmarked it for future reference. Your hard work and dedication are apparent on every page.

First Name :   Shelley

Comment :   Wow! This is great - it looks like it was a lot of fun and a true labor of love. Im so envious that you got to visit all those great places. The movie was really a knockout -- emotionally & visually. Every frame was beautifully composed and the acting was

First Name :   Cameron - Virgina, USA

Comment :   I was completely glued to my PC and went through EVERY page on your web site. I feel as if I have made a trip to the promise land. You may never truly know just how much your efforts are appreciated. THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU!!!

First Name :   Julie

Comment :   Absolutely brilliant site! I love seeing all the locations in the DVD chapter section. Thats as far as Ive looked fo far - to Chapter 2! - but it was enough to want me to just thank you for all the time and effort put into just finding those. Looking forw

First Name :   Karla

Comment :   Thank you for putting together such a comprehensive site!! I hope to travel to Alberta in the summer of 07 and I will definitely be using this site!!! Even if I dont make it there I can live vicariously through your site. Again, Thanks!!!

First Name :   KayAnne

Comment :   Beautiful pictures and much work to find them

First Name :   Jennis

Comment :   What a fantastic website!!!I am only page one in and loving it already.You have already got my curiosity roused with Val the barmaids Just want to say i am going to go through this site with a fine tooth comb and im gonna love every minute of

First Name :   Rebel

Comment :   Cool site.. great pictures and information... thanks for sharing.. Rebel owner/moderator

First Name :   Lydia

Comment :   Sorry for signing the guest book twice, but Ive just discovered some humor tucked away in some places I hadnt explored before. I just had to tell you that those little funny lines in the most unexpected places make the site even more delightful!

First Name :   Lydia

Comment :   Congratulations on your beautiful new baby! When I first saw the detail and thoroughness of the site, I was amazed. Now that Ive read the credits about the talented team who put this together, it seems quite believable. You all have put your talents to wo

First Name :   Mandy

Comment :   What a labour of love. This site shows how close Brokeback is to your hearts and indeed to all of ours! Thanks for sharing the beauty of this film in yet another way. It continues to move us in ways that cannot be measured.

First Name :   Adam (India)

Comment :   This is a wonderful site, its the best Brokeback Mountain site in the web . I get emotional just watching those photos.Thank you for this great work.

First Name :   Judy & Gary

Comment :   Since we found the movie both enjoyable, but heartbreaking, we thoroughly enjoyed seeing what you have compiled. Enjoyed it immensely!

First Name :   Fritz

Comment :   Wonderful site! I hope to use it in the future when I can make it up to Alberta to look for these BBM locations. Great job, yall!

First Name :   Rodger

Comment :   Wow! And thanks!