Finding Brokeback

Guest Book Archive #2
18 July 2006   to   15 September 2006
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First Name :   Mario

Comment :   Thank you so much for delivering this added joy to the experience of Brokeback Mountain. It has truly altered many a life.

First Name :   Will

Comment :   I was referred by a friend of yours, Linda. Im very impressed with the details and planning you put into this site!!!

First Name :   Jorge (Spain)

Comment :   Congratulations on your website from Spain. Great job and wonderful experience.Thank you very much.

First Name :   Lauren, from Maine

Comment :   Well, Jim, if Id stop studying the maps and do a little more travelin around the coffee pot Id have already known what your favorite scene is, wouldnt I? I can never thank you enough for all of your help. Ill give you the weekend off and really study that

First Name :   Eric - France

Comment :   Thanks for this wonderful site and the download files. BBM, un film pour aimer la vie et apprécier chaque instant

First Name :   Ed

Comment :   Nice job...a labour of love to do all of this hunting around and finding the film sites and collecting pictures. Thanks so much!

First Name :   Cory

Comment :   Wow..great site...thank you for making it. Ive been a fan of the movie and have actually tried to find these sites from the film but it was very hard. I live in Calgary and have only found one site (bridge/donkey site) and now I can easily find more thank

First Name :   Doug

Comment :   Totally Awesome! I personally wish to express my appreciation for all the obvious hard work and thoughtful efforts in putting this site together. It helps to keep the positive spirit of the story anf film very much alive. Keep up the good work! I hope to

First Name :   Mike

Comment :   A wonderful resource - all the time and effort that has gone into its production is amazing. Thankyou very much.

First Name :   Adam

Comment :   I really appreciate all your hard work and dedication for all the millions of BBM fans across the world. Love you guys.

First Name :   Cameron in Virginia, USA

Comment :   Guys, go over to Brokeback Mountain Truck tour went. You will be riveted when you get to see and hear Rob Freeman give us all a personal tour of Brokeback Mountain locations. Thanks to Ron and all his family/staff!

First Name :   Trent

Comment :   WOW! This is one of the best sites ever for BBM. To see the actual filming locations would be speechless and would bring a powerful rush of emotions. Thank you so much for creating this exceptional site. You guys seem like you had a great time. I hope I w

First Name :   Bob

Comment :   Visited all these wonderful sites with a great host & tour guide. Even found some artifacts. Yes I would repeat the tour.

First Name :   Robert

Comment :   Thank you sooooooooo much for creating this website. I was planning a trip to see the BBM location sites, but really had no clue as to where start. Now I can plan the sites I want to see in the short time Ill be in Alberta.

First Name :   Brendan

Comment :   I love your site, it really shows the real aspects and character of the small towns which it was filmed it.

First Name :   Sandy - -Brossard, Quebec

Comment :   Thank you so much for your hard work! A great help for me to plan the trip next year! Cant wait....

First Name :   Dick

Comment :   Great site!! You did a splenid job of finding the locations....Congratulations on a great website.

First Name :   Arvin White Cow

Comment :   Im so lucky to live, play and work on southwestern Alberta! From the Piikani Nation Reservation which is a member Nation of the Blackfoot Confedercay which signed Treaty 7 at Blackfoot Crossing on the Siksika Nation Reservation east of Calgary, Alberta on

First Name :   John

Comment :   Absolutely cool idea! Best wishes from Brokeback Mountain, Vermont (

First Name :   JW

Comment :   This site is fantastic. Your endeavour is truly breathtaking. I thank you for all the effort, time and energy that you invested in this adventure. I too, earlier in May, did my own BBM pilgrimage and only experienced a limited amount of the sites, but now

First Name :   Marc and Charlene -Strathmore AB

Comment :   Great site! Think we will take a road trip since we are so close. Hope this site will attract tourist to our beautiful province. thank you!

First Name :   Sean

Comment :   I am a member of the voting academy and continue to be furious by the lack of best picture winner. This film is a masterpiece and will be long after we all are gone.

First Name :   Jay

Comment :   What a wonderful site! I am so glad I found it. You guys have done a fantastic job! BBM brings tears to my eyes on each viewing, and your site with the real locations makes the emotions even stronger. It has been years since I was out west to Alberta - I

First Name :   Bill Neill

Comment :   Thank you all for a job well done.

First Name :   Vester

Comment :   Let this be for your younger, upcoming generations of people to know the meaning of Brokeback Mountain -- that Love is a force of nature. Love that now can speak its name.

First Name :   Rob Moeller

Comment :   What a great job you have done! Truly the work of devoted fans. I loved the film and exploring this website.

First Name :   Cameron - Virgina, USA

Comment :   Im sorry, but Im BACK AGAIN!!!! and GUYS!! I LOVE the downloadable version. This is incredible! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!

First Name :   Mina

Comment :   Thanks for this wonderful site. I just completed the DVD chapters, travel tips and radio clips. Again TY:)

First Name :   Federico

Comment :   BRAVISSIMI! This site is simply wonderful. To see again the place where BBM was shot is such an emotion! I want to visit Alberta as soon as possible!

First Name :   

Comment :   What an inspiring thing youre doing! For those of us who cant take this type trip, your being there, photographing the sites that helped us fall in love with this film...its an awesome thing. Thank you all, so very much. - KLJ

First Name :   Cameron - Virgina, USA

Comment :   Im back and I cannot stay away. Thank you so much guys. I hope somehow, someday, I can make my pilgrimage to these beautiful spots.

First Name :   Joshua

Comment :   This proves you totally get Brokeback Mountain. Thank you so much for sharing the dream with us. I hope this will only grow. We must keep the story alive. Thank you!

First Name :   JamesLA

Comment :   Bless you for this===what a wonderful gify to the BBM community

First Name :   George (Patriot1)

Comment :   What a fabulous web site. Not only do we get to see a magnificent movie but now we get to see where it was shot. Many, many thanks to everyone involved in putting together this site.

First Name :   Amber

Comment :   This site is awesome. The detailed directions are exactly what I was missing when I made my trip. You reminded me (not that I needed help) how beautiful the area is and how much I want to go back!! All of your directions will surely be going with me the n

First Name :   Swiss Cowboy

Comment :   Thanks for this wonderful side. Saddle-up partner

First Name :   Melissa

Comment :   Truly beautiful. Thank you for all your hard work.

First Name :   Tafadzwa

Comment :   I thought Brokeback, the movie, was absolutely achingly beautiful, and can only imagine what a wonderful experience it must be for you to explore all those sites. Thank you.

First Name :   Brett

Comment :   Hey! I love LOVE LOVE your site, and will use it to plan my BBM trip.

First Name :   Hattie

Comment :   Looks like you found your Passion! Love and support you in all you do.