Finding Brokeback

Guest Book Archive #3
15 September 2006   to   10 October 2007
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First Name :   Steffi

Comment :   Just came back from Alberta to visit all BBM locations. Thanks so much to you guys for creating this site! Steffi, Germany Cologne

First Name :   beata

Comment :   thank you!

First Name :   Sakura

Comment :   Wow! Im one of the BBM fans in China. This is such a great site with lots of material that Ive never seen before. I hope one day that I can experience such a wonderful trip!

First Name :   Bruce

Comment :   Much appreciation for this site. I have watched the movie dozens of times. It has an emotional pitch that gets to me every time. I think it has something to do with a defining moment in my life. This site brings to film to reality in another way.

First Name :   Tom

Comment :   I can not tell you how glad I was to find your site. Ever since I saw the movie, especially the first half hour, I have been DYING to know where these places were!

First Name :   Steffi (Cologne, Germany)

Comment :   First of all, thank you for this wonderful site. Oh my god, you really found the settings!!!

First Name :   Giovanna-from Italy

Comment :   Very interesting site :-)

First Name :   Pierre

Comment :   I went to Southern Alberta in June 2006 and then to the Wind River Valley and Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming. These sites are all very moving, especially the Big Horns.

First Name :   Cameron in VA, USA

Comment :   Thanks SO MUCH for keeping this site. Its my emotional pilgrimage I take many, many times.

First Name :   Sophie (Dresden/Germany)

Comment :   This is really a wonderful page! The film affected me so hard and Id really like to travel to Brokeback Mountain and all that lovely or/and sadden places... Maybe Ill go there sometime - with your help.

First Name :   EE

Comment :   what I love about this site is the feeling of community... Im so happy that this movie has had such a powerful impact on people. Thanks for keeping that feeling alive with your site.

First Name :   bb

Comment :   cool web

First Name :   Cameron - Virgina, USA

Comment :   Ive have come again, as I have so many times before. I always read something NEW everytime Im here and it moves me to tears. Thank You !! Thank You !!

First Name :   Marcia

Comment :   The site represents not only a wealth of information (and beautiful scenery!) but an impressive labor of love on the part of everyone involved in it.

First Name :   David

Comment :   This website never fails to amaze me. Even a year after the movie was released, it still has not lost its power or drama.

First Name :   Rodney

Comment :   I am writing to simply thank you for the work you and your colleagues have put into this wonderful website. Over the past several months, I have thoroughly enjoyed learning more about this film masterpiece.

Your insightful interviews and meticulous research into the production and filming location sites have added much to the enjoyment of Brokeback Mountain and provided an even greater appreciation for what promises to be an historically significant film.

It is good to know there are so many individuals who appreciate the work of Ang Lee, his cast and crew. Brokeback Mountain means so much to so many people and having this kind of background on this cinematic work of art will benefit those millions of individuals in the future who will be moved by the film.

Due the long distances, many will never be able to travel to the filming locations, but having your website readily available makes up for that.

Thank you again.

First Name :   Cameron in VA, USA

Comment :   I come here often, and each time Im brought to tears. Thank you for understanding our crazy emotions, but I think you understand us well; because it shows. THANK YOU!

First Name :   S

Comment :   Images like the Harley Brown album keep me coming back for more. Thanks so much for the effort going into maintaining this site. Love it!

First Name :   Brett

Comment :   That was a really good [Pierre Tremblay] interview, both the questions and the answers. Keep up the good work!

First Name :   Tod, St Louis

Comment :   I want to THANK YOU for such a wonderful and interesting site. It is absolutely amazing. I am sure you all have enjoyed visiting the sites of one of the most beautiful love stories ever told on screen.

First Name :   Dave

Comment :   Life is short. Thanks for making Brokeback real for me; I never would have had the time to find it on my own. I grew up Colorado and Wyoming but still wanted to see the film locations. Thanks!

First Name :   David

Comment :   Fabulous site! This movie and the website you have created have meant more to me than anything I have ever done before.

First Name :   Bob

Comment :   Thanks so much for the visual tour of the sites shown the movie. I have always wanted to know what the places actually look like that you see in movies and this was great! Wonderful job and thanks again.

First Name :   Bob

Comment :   Thanks so much for the hard work (ok, so it really looked like fun work) and this wonderful website -so great to see how the actual sites look then and now.

First Name :   LF

Comment :   Frequent visitor here. thelink to Groupe Image Buzz was amazing. Thanks!

First Name :   Jean FRANCE

Comment :   GREAT SITE,we visited Kananaski Country in august,we found few locations.Its a pity , I discover your site only 2 days ago.

First Name :   Mike & Tom, Hanover, MN, USA

Comment :   Thank you, thank you, thank you! This site is unbelievable! Fantastic! Awesome!! Seriously, we cant thank you enough for all the work it took to create this site. Were planning a camping trip to Alberta and your site has been the perfect resource to h

First Name :   S

Comment :   Wow! This site keeps getting better and better. The latest album is great. Thanks for the hard work that has gone into this project. Many happy visits have been made here.

First Name :   Tom, Alabama USA

Comment :   Fascinating! Thank you so much for this amazing site. I love being able to see the places where this great film was made. The matching up of actual photos to DVD captures is mind boggling! I love it!

First Name :   I.R. Blas

Comment :   GREAT!!!!!!!!!!

First Name :   Saul (The Netherlands)

Comment :   I love your website! It is a major contribution to all the people who love this work of art.

First Name :   Edmund Paul

Comment :   It really is wonderful what you have achieved with this website. Well done. It adds a new dimension to BBM, preserves information for Brokeies and make locations accessable for visitors in the years to come. Please consider going to a sympethetic TV s

First Name :   Cameron, VA, USA

Comment :   Words cannot express the gratitude the Brokeback Mountain community feels for all your efforts. This is truly a labor of love, and it shows. Thanks for taking us on this journey. I have been back to this site MANY times. Thank You!

First Name :   Edward

Comment :   A beautiful tribute to a beautiful movie. I enjoy visiting this web site again and again.

First Name :   Paul

Comment :   I really enjoyed your site. I also have made a journey to see first hand many of the locations you visited. Thanks for keeping Brokeback Mountain front and forward.

First Name :   ibo

Comment :   Many Thanks! I drove all the way from San Francisco for this and it was mind blowing! I just could not stop crying. But more importantly, I could have not done it without your site. I do not know how to thank all of you!

First Name :   Julien (Paris)

Comment :   Hello Guys! I would like to thank you for this site and all the movie locations. I found some of them and I’m very happy for that. Thanks a lot!

First Name :   Alan

Comment :   Wow. Thank you for your efforts in Finding Brokeback. Amazingly well done. The sights of the laundromat apartment steps, and the Twist home took my breath.

First Name :   Andrew

Comment :   Thanks for a fabulously informative website!! Not sure Ill ever get to Calgary in my lifetime--- as much as I would love to--- A bit of a distance from South Africa!!! But your website gets me there in spirit anyway!!

First Name :   Dave

Comment :   I have just discovered your site while I was doing something completely different. And now 3 hours later, I still havent finished what I was doing. Totally absorbed. Thanks for making the whole movie come alive!

First Name :   Jane

Comment :   This is a wonderful website! Your efforts and labours are much appreciated, thank you so much! Lots of invaluable information for Brokies everwhere...

First Name :   Tom Gregory

Comment :   Amazing site. The shirts and postcards are at the Max Factor museum near the itersection of Hollywood and Highland in Hollywood Ca..

First Name :   Jim

Comment :   I cant thank you enough for the wonderful work youve done. I went to Alberta in August and was able to find literally dozens of filming sites with no problem whatsoever. It made my vacation so much more enjoyable than it would have been if I hadnt had this.

First Name :   Mike

Comment :   Thanks so much for providing the pics of the Twist Ranch. Sent a chill down my spine. What a shame to see it crumbling away.