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10 October 2007   to   13 March 2010
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Posted:   Saturday 13 March 2010 08:53 GMT

Name:   David

Comment:   Wonderful site - I have returned to it again and again over the last three years. I am about to watch the movie again (12th time I think) and relive the most amazing journey of my life. Thanks for the site and all it means to us "Brokies."

Posted:   Sunday 7 March 2010 00:40 GMT

Name:   freddy waterloo belgium

Comment:   Merci pour ce retour sur les lieux de cette merveilleuse histoire. Je m'y promène souvent et toujours avec émotion.

Posted:   Wednesday 6 January 2010 23:30 GMT

Name:   Birthe

Comment:   I love this site & I love Brokeback Mountain.

Posted:   Sunday 3 January 2010 21:38 GMT

Name:   Jack

Comment:   You guys are suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper!

Posted:   Sunday 22 November 2009 11:36 GMT

Name:   María

Comment:   I just want to say a few words. You are making a great work as for many people Brokeback Mountain is certainly more than a movie, it is a story that has become part of our lives and will never die in our hearts. Thank you so much for showing us all those amazing places. I will never be there but I carry them in my soul.

If anyone involved in the shooting of Brokeback Mountain get to read this, I'd like to tell them that they create the most beautiful work of art ever. Thank you.

Posted:   Sunday 15 November 2009 08:17 GMT

Name:   Luis

Comment:   Thanks so much, I love this site!

Posted:   Friday 25 September 2009 18:46 GMT

Name:   Wendy

Comment:   When you visit Calgary, please join us at Ranchmans - film location of Brokeback Mountain. It was truly an honor to be selected to have this movie filmed at our location. I do believe Brokeback Mountain is destined to become a classic.

Posted:   Saturday 19 September 2009 05:48 GMT

Name:   Aaron

Comment:   Thank you so much for this wonderful website. I just spent a week in the Canadian Rockies (Banff Natl. Park), and since I was in the area, wanted to see some of the BBM filming locations around there. I set aside a day to drive thru K-Country; it was beautiful and I found many of the sites The mileage charts for Hwy 742 / 40 were really useful! Unfortunately the weather was bad during the Hwy 742 segment (didn't get to explore campsite #2, darn). Didn't have time to see the Elbow River area either but as I was flying out of Calgary I saw Moose Mtn. out the window and got some pictures of it from the air -- wouldn't have recognized it without all the wonderful photos here. Thanks again for all the info!

Posted:   Wednesday 26 August 2009 10:27 GMT

Name:   xu

Comment:   I am a chinese girl, my english is not good, but I still want to say, I love you!!

Posted:   Friday 31 July 2009 02:42 GMT

Name:   Nicolás

Comment:   Hi!

Finding out about the film I reached this website. I just don´t have any words to describe how amazing is this site!

Watching the pictures of the scenes ... simply excellent!! No words!

Congratulations! And anyone can email me at

Thanks! And greetings from Uruguay.

Sorry for my english ...

Posted:   Monday 6 July 2009 14:09 PST

Name:   Debra

Comment:   Your exhaustive site has inspired me to visit Alberta in August. Thanks for paving the way to the Brokeback Mountain locations and all the information for getting there. Your maps, especially, will be invaluable.

Posted:   Thursday 2 July 2009 07:19 GMT

Name:   Pascal

Comment:   Hello, I am Pascal from Germany and I really like your site. For me, it's amazing to see the beautiful landscape and my god, it's real. :-)

Posted:   Tuesday 12 May 2009 17:05 GMT

Name:   Halcyonsancta

Comment:   I do a lot of fishing and hiking along the eastern slopes of the rockies in Alberta and live in a town along the Bow River.

I only got the chance to see this fine film fairly recently. I accidentally discovered your website on google earth while studying some terrain related to hiking this summer.

I loved the film and I love your site. I will use it to help share with friends my interest in our area and well, thanks to all the folks who took the time to contribute all this information.

Well done.

Posted:   Friday 10 April 2009 06:17 GMT

Name:   David

Comment:   This is the most fabulous place on the Internet! I love it and I keep coming back again and again. BBM was the turning point in my life and the movie experience was one I will never, ever forget as long as I live. Well done, and keep up the good work. One day I hope to travel to Canada and see the sites myself.

Posted:   Wednesday 8 April 2009 23:04 GMT

Name:   Anna from Vienna, Austria

Comment:   This wonderful movie is my absolute favorite! So pure, so true. A few weeks ago it was on Austrian tv, then I bought the dvd of BBM and I watch and watch and watch ... I can`t get enough! I´m so happy finding this site, not even about the pictures, but also about the informations and interpretations in "Remarks". They open my mind about some BBM-scenes. Many, many thanks to the makers of this excellent website! (Sorry for my English) Greetings from Vienna!

Posted:   Wednesday 4 March 2009 02:32 GMT

Name:   Doug

Comment:   I can't believe that, after four years, I am crying again over the impact of this movie on my life. I think part of the reason for the tears, now, is this site's reminder that I am not alone.

Thank you.

Posted:   Tuesday 17 February 2009 03:34 GMT

Name:   Adam

Comment:   The dedication both you and your fans have poured into the making of the site is simply overwhelming!! What a fitting & lasting tribute to the very best film of our modern times ... I find myself returning again and again to relive & enjoy all that was spiritually moving and inspirational about Brokeback Mountain. Thank you.

Posted:   Friday 23 January 2009 16:38 GMT

Name:   Sue

Comment:   Even though I am straight, this movie has moved me like no other. I am still reeling but can't watch it since Heath died and a hellish 2008 ensued. With his death, it broke my heart even more.

A great, great story of love.

I have found many of the filming locations over 2006 and 2007 which made me "crazed" with life, a new lease on life. I had my laptop with me as I found the exact locations by mountain top, Jack's highway, the walk with the horses, the steeple near the trailer.

Thanks for making this website. Thanks for the possibilities. And love to you all.

Posted:   Tuesday 20 January 2009 14:28 GMT

Name:   Andy

Comment:   I am so impressed with your site and so much enjoyed exploring all of it. Thank you!

Posted:   Saturday 10 January 2009 22:34 GMT

Name:   Kate Brunier

Comment:   This website is great!! I can't imagine how much work went into this. I never actually contemplated going to the movie sites, but now I can thanks to all of you!

I also like your "In Memoriam" section ... very touching.

Posted:   Thursday 30 October 2008 21:28 GMT

Name:   Lily

Comment:   Amazing website - stumbled onto it by accident after viewing Brokeback Mountain for the umpteenth time. Thanks for this and the forums - good to see I'm not the only one who is obsessed.

Posted:   Tuesday 2 September 2008 06:00 GMT

Name:   Oregondoggie

Comment:   Sending up a prayer of thanks for this guide. Just visited a number of sites again up around the Kananaskis with "Mouk". Only your information made it possible.

Larry (Oregondoggie on Bettermost and Dave Cullen)

Posted:   Saturday 30 August 2008 20:05 GMT

Name:   Luigival

Comment:   Dear FindingBrokeback staff,
Just returned from my own BBM trip to Alberta, and can't do anything but praise your beautiful and useful site, which helped me in locating most locations. My trip? I started north entering the Rockies in Jasper and travelled down to Lake Louise and Banff, to admire what normal tourists go to Alberta for. Then in Canmore my BBM pilgrimage began, driving on Hwy 742 down to the Kananaskis Lakes, and then up Hwy 40 to Deadman's Flat, via the canonic stopover points. I then travelled to Ft McLeod - Red Coat Inn! - via Rockyford, Dorothy, Beiseker, Irricana, Carseland, Blackie, Claresholm, and finally Cowley -. It was an emotional journey through the memories of the most significant movie of my life. Thanks! Luigi

Posted:   Monday 11 August 2008 10:14 GMT

Name:   Monika (Buffymon)

Comment:   Hi there.
I want to say a big Thank You. I have recently come home from a three week long trip to the States and to Canada and four of those days I spent in Alberta. We visited many of the BBM locations and had a fantastic time. Almost all the info came from your site and beforehand I had printed out almost everything on here. This site has been invaluable and without it I don't think I would have traveled to Alberta at all. So again, a big thank you for all your work and commitment and ability to inspire.

If you're interested I have posted pictures on my livejournal

Again Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Monika Andersson/Sweden

Posted:   Tuesday 15 July 2008 23:57 GMT

Name:   Cameron, Virginia USA

Comment:   I still come to this site and cry and cry. I cry for Jack, for Ennis, and now for Heath. This site gives me that portal between the story of Brokeback Mountain and reality. Thank-you! Thank-you! You may never grasp the impact of your work to us Brokeback Mountain followers, but it means the world to us.

Posted:   Friday 13 June 2008 22:16 GMT

Name:   Myprivatejack

Comment:   Hi from Barcelona

Your site is an enormous gift for all the BBM fans. I'll never get enough of reading and watching everything in rapport with my favorite movie. Thank you.

Posted:   Thursday 5 June 2008 14:42 GMT

Name:   Ennis (Argentina)

Comment:   Hi to all of you from Argentina.

It is a great thrill to share your magical trip. My congratulations on your excellent site!

Posted:   Sunday 25 May 2008 04:27 GMT

Name:   Oregondoggie (Cullen and Bettermost Forums)

Comment:   Thank you for this site. Just returned to The States from a very wet tour of some of the sites whose locations you provided. Almost wish Jack and Ennis had been sailors. Was alone this time. NEXT time will come back with fellow "Brokies"!

Larry (Oregondoggie)

Posted:   Wednesday 14 May 2008 15:07 GMT

Name:   Laura

Comment:   Thank you guys so much for your incredible site. I cannot wait to do the tour thanks to you!

R.I.P. Heath, we all miss you xxxx

Posted:   Saturday 3 May 2008 21:23 GMT

Name:   Annie, Québec, Canada

Comment:   WOW! This is my website's dreams! I can't believe you did all that... THANK YOU SO MUCH... Don't give up, stay open until the end of time :)

Posted:   Thursday 24 April 2008 19:58 GMT

Name:   BIRTHE


Posted:   Wednesday 26 March 2008 16:46 GMT

Name:   Andreica

Comment:   I'd like to say so many things...but I'm so fascinated and delighted that I can't even speak. It does make me cry.

I love this movie so much and it has special meaning for me. After I've seen it for hundred times I knew I had to go and see this place. Thus I'd been looking for the Brokeback Mountain's places (for so long) and finally I found more than I ever expected. I found this great brilliant page...

I'm so ecstatic and grateful to you.

Thanks to your truly magnificent job I'm really able to go and see all those beautiful places with my own eyes now and for this I thank you so much guys.

Admiration for you.

Love A.

Posted:   Wednesday 19 March 2008 13:27 GMT

Name:   Leo from Italy

Comment:   My compliments for your great web site! When I found it I put the link on my bookmarks.

Well done guys!

Posted:   Saturday 15 March 2008 07:26 GMT

Name:   Hugo

Comment:   What a wonderful labor of love you have here! Fantastic! I love it, the links to google maps and images make it even more real. I have thoroughly enjoyed your site and will for hours to come. Thank you so very much!

Posted:   Friday 22 February 2008 02:16 GMT

Name:   Truman

Comment:   Hello to my friends on the hunt, the relentless search and knowledge of Alberta geography. I will always remember our heroic climb of Mount Inflexible last summer, looking for Jack Ascending, going where surely no one had ever gone before. A picture I took that day is still my screen saver.

As I told Mouk that day: "If I die here, it's okay."

With Love, Shakestheground

Posted:   Sunday 17 February 2008 03:19 GMT

Name:   Birch

Comment:   The Finding Brokeback entry page has been more beautiful and classier than ever these days with your tributes to Heath. The flowers on Table 25 with the article made me sad, of course, but still warm and tingling inside.

Thank you.

Posted:   Wednesday 13 February 2008 14:53 GMT

Name:   Sonia

Comment:   Hi everybody, I wanna congratulate with you for this wonderful site, great pics, so many infos and details, thanks, great job! It all makes this wonderful movie even more special :)

A big hug from Italy to all the "Brokeback Mountain" lovers :)


Posted:   Monday 11 February 2008 03:47 GMT

Name:   Wlademir

Comment:   Thank you from a Brazillian fan.

You make me remember how very powerful this film is. Brokeback Mountain will endure as a beautiful, monumental film!

It is so sad that Heath is gone!

Posted:   Wednesday 6 February 2008 18:33 GMT

Name:   Gino, Italy

Comment:   Complimenti per l'ottimo lavoro svolto nel realizzare questo sito.
Brokeback Mountain è stato per me un film molto importante,e il vostro sito mi aiuta a riviverlo sotto una luce diversa, ma sempre molto emozionante.

Posted:   Tuesday 29 January 2008 18:46 GMT

Name:   Beatrice, Switzerland

Comment:   After the sad news of last week - we were in Canada then - I just had to search for healing material, after returning home yesterday. Last September we traveled Alberta and BC, spending quite some time searching and visiting various places of BBM.

With all this gorgeous information you provide, we – me and my husband – would have been much more successful in finding them. Well, as frequent visitors to western Canada, we will find them the next time, thanks to your outstanding work. Thank you very very much.

Posted:   Thursday 24 January 2008 19:44 GMT

Name:   SGM

Comment:   Wow! Just read the Hart interview. After the news of this week, it was heartbreaking to read of what was...thanks for this. You guys must have the most fun tracking this information down!

Posted:   Wednesday 23 January 2008 02:05 GMT

Name:   John, New Zealand

Comment:   I have been clicking on your website for a year and a half now, and being very envious of people being able to visit these actual film sites. It is great to see the website being updated continually.

Now amazingly, I have the chance to see some of these locations myself, when I holiday in Alberta in June this year. I can't wait.

Thank you!

Posted:   Thursday 10 January 2008 13:30 GMT

Name:   Sandy

Comment:   I obtained your details from the BetterMost site- thank you for taking the time to obtain these wonderful pictures for us Brokeback Mountain fanatics! It brings me closer to the film and I appreciate the hard work. Thanks again.

Posted:   November 2007

First Name:   Tess

Comment:   Your website is amazing. Brokeback Mountain is my favorite movie and you understand it how to appreciate that movie. Thank you!!!

Posted:   November 2007

First Name:   Kate, Germany

Comment:   Thank you for this gorgeous site. I was searching for pictures for art lesson and I found this special picture I was searching for.

Posted:   November 2007

First Name:   Charles

Comment:   BBM is, for those of us who have lived its special meaning, remains one of the most deeply moving films of all time. I revisit the experience occasionally, when in need of its images and its bittersweet touch. Thank you for doing this!

Posted:   November 2007

First Name:   Cameron in Virginia, USA

Comment:   Thank you guys so much for all your hard work in keeping this site alive. Only you understand how much we treasure this story. Thank You!

Posted:   October 2007

First Name:   Rodney

Comment:   Your discovery of the deleted scenes is a great gift to Brokeback Mountain fans everywhere. I have enjoyed your website since you began your research. Thank you!!

Posted:   October 2007

First Name:   beata

Comment:   C'est un site magnifique! Un grand travail, beaucoup demotions pour nous tous.Merci!

Posted:   October 2007

First Name:   Manjai

Comment:   No word can describe my gratitude to the people for all the hard work that was put into this project.