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General Resources

Brokeback Mountain official site:

Dave Cullen’s Ultimate Brokeback Forum:

BetterMost  BetterMost: Beyond Brokeback Mountain - A forum for discussion of
  the larger issues raised by BBM:

Brokeback Mountain En Terreno Vedado - A Spanish forum for fans of BBM:

Brokeback Mountain Forum - A forum for German fans of BBM:

Brokeback Mountain Love - A forum for French speaking fans of BBM:

Brokeback Mountain, Vermont   Brokeback Mountain Vermont  - A group
  seeking to memorialize BBM in Vermont, U.S.A.: - An online community for all BBM fans:

Forum Tajemnica Brokeback Mountain Strona Glówna - A forum for Polish
speaking BBM fans:

Groupe Image Buzz Inc. (now part of Vision Globale) - A film company with an interesting
video showing how they created the special effects for BBM:

Gustavo Santaolalla - Secreto en la Montaña - Brokeback Mountain - Encuentro en el Estudio
An interesting video showing Gustavo Santaolalla playing music from BBM:

IMDb Site:

Le Secret de Brokeback Mountain - The official French BBM website; includes an
active forum for French speaking BBM fans:

Le Secret de Brokeback Mountain - A movie website with an active forum for French
speaking BBM fans:

Mixi - A Japanese language movie fan site:

A website with an active forum for Chinese speaking fans of BBM:

“Alone on the Range: Basques in Wyoming” - A documentary video about the lives of three
Basque shepherds in Wyoming, U.S.A., with parallels to BBM:

An “unofficial” BBM movie website; includes a forum for Chinese speaking fans of BBM:

Taos Memory - A Chinese language BBM fan site:

The Brokeback Truck:; see also “The Avalon Inn” below.

Travel and Tourism Information

Alberta Parks Tourism:

Atlas of Canada:

Calgary Tourism:

Drumheller Tourism:

E-Podunk Canada (small towns):

Fort Macleod Tourism:

Google Maps:

Kananaskis Valley Tourism:

The Avalon Inn at Plover Mills:

Travel Alberta:

Travel Alberta Brokeback Site (Note: Although this is a very useful article, its maps of Brokeback locations are inaccurate):

U.S. State Department (Travel Document Info): and


Alberta Gay Rodeo:

Bivouac (Mountains):

Calgary Stampede:

Glenbow Museum, Calgary:

Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump UNESCO World Heritage Site:

PeakFinder (Mountains):

Rockyford Rodeo:

Royal Tyrell Museum, Drumheller:

Lodging Resources

Bidding for Travel (free Priceline companion site):

Priceline (Calgary and Canmore areas only):

Other Organizations

Teatro Berdache:

The Rob Freeman Foundation:


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