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Flowers for Heath
Photo courtesy “Mouk.”

26 January 2008 - 15:15 (estimate)

Flowers for Heath

As “Mouk” wrote:

“Here are a few words to explain the flowers in the snow [at Campsite #2] ...

After a deeply moving visit of the filming sites in July with the Bettermost “Pilgrimage” [] I had planned to return to Alberta for my second BBM anniversary, on January 26th, to be “closer to Ennis and Jack” who have done so much for me and many of us. Little did I know that it would be in tears that I would walk down Ennis’s fight hill on my way to the Camp where they were once “flying in the euphoric, bitter air, ... suspended above ordinary affairs ...[1]

It was a glorious afternoon, the snow was glittering, so pure, covering the bridge, the spot where they had embraced, the fire area, the mountains all around. The river was full of life, flowing fast between its icy banks. Close to where Ennis had set up the tent, I found a spot sheltered from the wind and from non Brokie eyes. There I put spring flowers for hope and also live flowers because Heath will live within us as long as we are alive. We owe him so much! The colours were among those he seemed to like: orange, yellow and red—those of a sunset. Or a sunrise. The bridge was visible in the distance as Heath would have seen it from the tent, the only sounds were the wind, the river and chirping birds. There was such peace and beauty, and something so special in the air and in the light, I would not be surprised if Heath was hovering, smiling over what he had done for us.

I spent a long time there with him, remembering what he had given us; remembering also the happy times spent in this Camp with fellow Brokies in the summer. And thanking Heath on behalf of all of us. As I was lost in my thoughts I suddenly had the eerie feeling that something was happening: the live flowers were slowly turning away from the light, towards the cut tulips and bending over them—the living taking care of the one whose life was cut too short.”

[1] Brokeback Mountain - Story to Screenplay by Annie Proulx, Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana (Scribner) ISBN-13: 978-0-7432-9416-4, page 7.

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