Map of Brokeback Mountain Movie Locations in Region 1

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Campsite #2

Riding Ridge


Mule Hill

Jump Creek /
Three Mountains

“Gonna Snow”

Jack Ascending

Two Peaks

Basque Bridge

Pup Tent

Bear Creek

Mountain Hwy /
Riding Lake

“I Did Once”

Diving Cliff

Staging #1

Procession #1

“Flat” Highway

“Ain’t Queer”

Campsite #1

“Sweet Life”

Hippie Discovery
 Kananaskis Range (West) 
Follow Hwy 742, a gravel
road through prime
mountain sites.
 Kananaskis Range (East) 
Follow Hwy 40 for more
mountain sites.
Morley / Seebe
Stoney Native
  Reservation Area  
Moose Mountain
Canyon Creek
Elbow River
 Great hiking country! 
 Jumping Pound Creek 
Ang Lee omitted this
site, but you don’t
have to!

A map showing 5 areas in the western region of Alberta, Canada where Brokeback Mountain was filmed.

A map m/km scale.

The region shown is approximately 82 x 80 km (51 x 50 miles).
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  Revised 03 February 2016