Chapter 7 - Bad News - 00 36 54

00 36 54
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DVD Time Code = 00 36 54
Location: Hwy 1A, Stoney Native Reservation
GPS:   51d 8m 25s    -114d 59m 18s
Map / Satellite Image: Google Link
Site Name: Untangled Sheep Procession

Travel Directions:
From Hwy 1 (Trans-Canada Hwy), take Morley Road, Exit 131, north 3.6 km to Hwy 1A, turn left (west) on 1A, 12 km to “Stoney Indian Park / Buffalo Paddock” sign. Turn left (south) at the “Peacekeepers” building (now a burned ruin), 0.8 km to gate, then go 1.5 km beyond the gate to the site (past the vandalized building with the peaked roof and the “WOMEN” and “MEN” signs on the front at approximately 0.7 km, then an additional 0.8 km). The site is on the right (south) side of the road. Note: The last 1 km of this road is rough; walk it if your vehicle can’t stand it.

[Alternately, if you are coming from the cliffs at Seebe (see Chapter 12, 01 09 28, and 01 09 38), turn right (north) onto 1X (the road you came in on), go 2.1 km to intersection of 1A; go right (east) 8.8 km; turn right (south) at “Peacekeepers” building, proceed as directed above.]

The park is officially closed during wintertime though access by foot is feasible, weather permitting. You might want to contact Ray Greenwood, (403) 881-2614, for access arrangements, which may require payment of a $5 fee. Security guards in the area have been known to save paperwork by collecting fees from visitors on the spot.

Those incredibly lovely Alberta skies! Among the region’s many unique contributions to the film are its stunning skyscapes. Alberta skies are celebrated in Canadian song and poetry, and are well known to motion picture and still photographers worldwide. Want to see more amazing Alberta skies? Check out:

Though our Canadian friends might argue the point, such skies do not come along every day. The filmmakers experienced some unusually rainy weather while shooting the movie; in most cases the sky images were shot separately and added digitally. See:   (Groupe Image Buzz Video)

Always obtain appropriate permission before entering private property and Native reserve lands. You may encounter horses roaming. Drive slowly and be prepared to stop. Do not leave valuables in parked cars.

Pictures of surrounding area:












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